Saturday, March 27, 2010

Conference on Cultural Evolution in Spatially Structured Populations

Wow. This year is really amazing for me here at UCL.
We had the Institute of Archaeology Monday Seminars titled "Contemporary Roles for Spatial Analysis in Archaeology" , which was a huge success with many interesting papers from a very wide perspective (from ABM to Time GIS, passing through 3D models).
We organised the UK Chapter of Computer and Quantitative Applications in Archaeology, again here at IoA in UCL. The conference was really in an enjoyable atmosphere with a wide range of papers from Network Analysis to Multinomial Logistic Regression and a session entitled "Modeling, GIS and Spatial Analysis".
Now, the AHRC funded Centre for the Evolution of Cultural Diversity has just made its call for papers for a three day conference on Cultural Evolution in Spatially Structured Populations . Notice that my blog is titled Evovling Spaces, and the conference is on Cultural Evolution in Spatially Structured Populations, so you can understand how much I can be excited about this. There are already a lot of confirmed speakers, and I can see already the themes unfolding from that: Maximum Entropy Models (e.g. Tim Evans, Alan Wilson), Spatial Diffusion Models (Anne Kandler, James Steele), Niche Construction Theory (Kevin Laland) , Scaling (Alex Bentley) and Agent Based Models (Luke Premo, Tim Kohler)... just to mention some of them...
I can't wait for September!!!!

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